A Guide to Build a Door Frame

Below is a simple way we can build a simple door for our home. Before building a door, we need a:

Blue print of a door frame. All architects create a blue print of the house. This blue print will serve as a guide to any carpenter whoever will build it. Without this, the door frame will not be made well. Of course, for building a door, it is easy to make a simple one bu there are those who need to look into the blue print.

Measurement. Measuring and cutting of every part of the door frame shall be done first before connecting any part. There is already a blue print so the measurement of each part shall be provided and all materials should have been prepared in procedure of the door frame building. In measurement, there is no error. A little error in measurement is not applicable in carpentry and architecture.

Cut and Connect. Now, cut and prepare the materials being used. After preparing, connect and hammer them or use tools that you have in order to build them. The use of measuring rod is very important in order to create a perfect one.

Beautification. Actually, there are many ways on how to beautify the door such as paint, varnish and layers of surface design. Beautiful door attracts people’s attention. Of course, it is not for boasting but attractive doors give a feeling of confidence in your own house. Actually, when people see a house, they first find the door. It is because this is the entrance where they want to head to.